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What a Girl Wants: Female Social Behavioral Patterns
-written by Luigi Di Serio, edited by Aaron S.Bayley

Some guys just don't get it. I never used to get it. And now I do. You want to know what a girls really want? Well it's a paradox. You see giving them what they want is really just giving back to yourself. Read on, you'll understand what I mean.

Parents (our social upbringing), our schools, and especially the media- through movies, music videos (e.g. crappy songs like Christina Aguilera's "what a girl wants"), commercials, soap operas and sitcoms- have all told us how to treat a woman and "what a girl wants". But has it ever occurred to you that women never fall for "nice guys" who try to give them what they want? Furthermore, has it ever dawned on you that WOMEN DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT anyway? Do you get the irony in all this? I hope so. However, *getting it* just doesn't cut it, in order to give a girl what she wants and needs, you need to understand it, and you need to live it.

So how do you understand and live it? You care, by not caring at all. The best way to understand what a girl wants is to not ask that question at all. Just don't care. WHO CARES WHAT SHE WANTS? Why should you anyway? By not caring you allow them to be free, to do whatever so they please, thus giving them their own God given freewill. Since women change what they want as often as a baby's diapers are changed, you can't really care about what they want, you will simply go crazy trying to give a girl what she wants. The feeble male mind is not equipped to handle such drastic fluctuations in desires. You'll need to give her not what she wants but what she needs, and that is a steadfast rock.

Woman are like a massive ocean of emotion. They flow and change like the waves and tides. They really have no direction. Whilst they can give to you the calmest and most peaceful experience, they can also brew the fiercest of storms sinking every man's ship that crosses their path. So if a woman is an ocean, what can a man be to give her what she wants?

A man should be a shoreline and rocks. Steadfast and upholding to his own rules and values. By doing so the ocean will be free and wild, but know its limitations, thus staying bound by the strength of the man. If women are water, then men are (or ought to be) the natural counterpart; land. Think about it, what's the best way to care for the environment? You leave it be and you be with it, but there is nothing it needs from you to be beautiful and balanced. The environment and eco-systems balance themselves out.

I know this sounds a little abstract, so, I'll give 5 rules that men should abide by and in doing so, indirectly giving a woman what she wants.

1) Be an individual - Live for yourself. Improve and grow as an individual. No other person can "complete" you, but they can certainly completely screw you up and over. Don't live to please women, because you simply can't. If issues arise on your end, deal with them. If issues arise from their end, let them deal with it. Love cannot exist with out freedom of will and choice. That's why people go to war over freedom, it is the essential ingredient that separates man from beast.

2) Be a assertive - You get what you ask for in life. Have high standards, make them known and them leave it be. If you are fearful or jealous or aggressive or use guilt to try to convince a woman to be in a certain way, she'll do the EXACT opposite. Ever told a child "DON'T YOU DARE DO THIS or THAT?!" What do they do. Exactly what you told them not to. Maybe they will refrain out of fear temporarily, but eventually they will make it their goal to do exactly what you don't want them to. Why? Because freedom is more important than any other thing to the human spirit. God made us have the ability to love by choice not by force.

3) A man with no vices is not a man at all - We all know women love bad boys. Why? Because they want to change them, or at least see if they can be have a man with messed up priorities stay loyal to them. How come supposedly smart women do such stupid things? Because it assures them of their self worth. Remember, woman are SO SELFISH that everything they do is to test their own self worth. That's why the hottest and most admired women usually crave the most attention. They really don't have much of an identity (but their looks) so they look for validation. You want the woman to focus on you more and her less. How do you do this? Easy... you take risks, ignore her plenty and make her feel like your slightly out of reach or disconnected, then you reconnected just before she's ready to have a breakdown. You are her hero. Think about it. If you are starting to date a super hot women, and at a party, she has every male looking at her and hitting on her, and you act like you could care less, sipping your beer, watching a game, talking to men and other women, she'll only be looking at you and only you. Vices that destroy your health are probably not good ones, but if you love a beer and red meat, every now and then, by all means, indulge. 

4) Be slightly arrogant and into yourself more than you are into her - Be a little cocky, but in a funny (smirk on your face) kind of way. Girls like to smile and laugh. It makes them feel EXCITED *wink*. She'll go over the top to try to get your attention, so don't crack, be steadfast. A woman's goal is to freely GIVE herself to you, not for you to TAKE her. She's not an item that you "pick up" in an aisle off a grocery store shelf. So don't try to please her by buying her gifts or dinners. She wants to let go around you, and to do that she needs to see that you are confident in yourself. 

5) Be single even when your dating - NO, THIS DOES NOT MEAN BE A CHEATER. It means have a shit load or friends and hobbies so you don't start relying on a woman for entertainment. Women's entertainment sucks ass.

Too many men are becoming too feminine. It is really gross. Pop culture and the corporate marketing ploy to paint a massive gray line between the genders and sexuality and have created so many unfulfilling relationships, broken families and silly dating drama games, literally fucking up people's lives. Please read the articles on Unisexification to shed some light on why this is occurring. I'm sure we've all been through it. I am asking the guys to read this and apply their own logic here; it is up to you to BE A MAN AND PUT AN END TO THIS FIASCO. 

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