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Virginia Beach, USA, September 2007

If we look tired. We are. The drive from DC to VB took twice as long as anticipated.

Views for our balcony.

Nice L (o) (o) K out from our balcony. 

"You like to look?" Yes. I. Do.

Time to have a ball at the beach...

"Hey look at us in the water. This is fun. It is so shallow!"

"Oh crap here comes a wave"

Crash landing

Washed up on shore. "We will just lay here, where it is safe"

That's why Thomas and I bought body boards.

That say "LA" for Luigi and Alexandra not VA for Virginia in case you weren't wondering. (I guess now you are)


Chilling in the hotel before we go out

The first night we wore decent shirts for our dinner night out. Right?! (above two photos)

So our ladies were acting up the second night, so we decided to go shirt shopping to make them happy. Trouble comes in double. Here comes trouble with capital T. 

Hawaiian Shirt Gangsters. The American Way. Who can complain about this?

Dokken Live at the American music festival. It was a free concert and it was good.

We got a tan. No?!

 Well some chumps approached our girlfriends on the beach while we were running things in town. They told them they were the "finest girls on the whole beach." Now I'd reckon they were couple of losers, but I must say one thing to their comment...

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