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Same City Tourist - Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Everyone loves to “get away” and spend their only 2 or 3 weeks of the year off of work going to an expensive, cliché vacation spot. That’s fine I suppose, but usually, the experience is costly in terms of time and money and is more often than not, is even stressful than just staying home. When was the last time you had a blast visiting a new city or town and didn’t spend a lot of money? Probably not often, but it can be done with the greatest of ease. What you need to do is go on a weekend vacation in your own city! 

Let’s face it, for the most part; people take for granted everything their own city has to offer. People usually go from work to home and back and they neglect the fact they live in a thriving metropolis (or even town) that has an abundance of entertainment and attractions to offer. Most people I’ve talked to have never been to some of the most famous landmarks in their own city, in which they’ve lived in for decades. Now it is time to appreciate the place you live and look at it in a new light. 

Pick a weekend and go play same city tourist. It’s the easiest way to take a vacation without going away, and without spending a lot. Here is how you play same city tourist. 

  1. Book a hotel for 1 or two nights (preferably on weekend).

  2. Bring a camera and a map (in other words, look like a tourist).

  3. Bring a decent wardrobe (comfy, causal and stylish).

  4. If you are single maybe go with a small group, if you are married or in a relationship, do this with your significant other.

  5. Before you go, plan it out, go to a travel web site and read what foreign tourists do in your city. Find out what the major landmarks and attraction are in your town and plan a day to visit at least 5 of them.

  6. Leave your car at the hotel and walk and take transit everywhere you go.

  7. Book a show, go for dinner, go to a café, etc.

  8. Go out and meet new people, have a blast. Tell everyone you are visiting from another city. 

Each major metropolitan area has a large number of cultural neighborhoods and districts. Common ones found in North American cities are Little Italy, Chinatown, theatre district and entertainment district. You can go enjoy these neighborhoods, go for some ethnic cuisine, go watch a show or a sporting event or just walk around and enjoy the city’s unique architecture. At night you can go out and “paint the town red” by hitting some popular bars or clubs. There are probably so many parks, ravines, cliffs, buildings and unique attributes that your city contains, that you've simply overlooked or never really appreciated. People like to complain about traffic, the politics and the urban planning of their own city, but they hardly contribute to making it a more thriving, cherished place. Go out there and be a same city tourist for a weekend and you might grow a new appreciation for your hometown.

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