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A Montreal Stagette 
Susie's stagette was taking in place in Montreal on Labour Day Weekend, and by SHEER coincidence we were staying in the same hotel! What are the odds? 100% if it happened. Well gentlemen this was our chance to get into the little sadistic world of women to try to understand this new phenomenon and fad known as the "bachelorette" party. DiSerio.com has an exclusive inside look for you. Photos here donated by TomaszBozek.com Enjoy responsibly.

Don't get too exciting quite yet, first for the obligatory shots.

The Setting: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Here is a view of Mount Royal from our hotel. Looks kind of dingy, but it's a very youthful, lively and friendly area.

Here's the obligatory design elements shot.

And the necessary candid.

...and MY FAVOURITE type, the art deco urban building shot.

Now it is Showtime! Cast of Characters

The Stud Finder

Main Man Moose

Jamie Blond

The Timeless Wonder

The Bratty Blowfish 



Mr. Montreal

Mission: A stagette party in Montreal

a.k.a Bacholorette Bash  

 Target subjects: 5 girls

Our insider man: Mr. Moose

Ok boys, so you want to know if the following occurs at a stagette: Drinking, dancing, kissing, rubbing, licking and ass & b*** grabbing? The answer to your question is...


Hey, I think you are drinking out of the wrong straw!


Yes... dancing

Dirty dancing

Yup... kissing

Sandwich kissing

"Close your eyes and imagine me LICKING..." CUT!! I can't think.

Ass grabbing? Certainly.. Wait a second whose hand is that on the left?!

Yeah rubbing too!

Ummm.... ya that too

Did we mention "Stagette Party" and "Ass Showcase" are synonymous?

But it's all in the name of good friendly fun... 

"are you ready to party baby?!"

Are you fascinated by gone in 60 seconds? "Ooohh!"

Well gone in 3 seconds is even better.

Impressive set of muscles Monica, however... get ready to get green with envy. I'm going to show you what INCREDIBLE power is! Green is the colour of spinach and money, thus a symbol of strength. Click here to get green and see the hairy (and quite frankly scary) hulk

"Yo look at her go"... "oh la la"

The Blue Crew

Let's see how these blue-eyed bandits look with no saturation (except for the eyes)

They don't call me Mr. Montreal for nothing

Melanie, I have "un segreto sporco" to share with you 

And if you share it with anyone...

"Wow Luigi, it IS HUGE!!"

Look a the sinister look of psychosis from the blond girl in the background. We discovered at a stagette, many female onlookers gaze with evil eyes of envy. She's is either thinking a) I can have that photographer b) Who are these brunette bimbos c) how does my hair look? d) all of the above. 

This is probably my favourite pic from a photographic standpoint. It's a candid that has captured non-contrived human emotion.

Oh God look!! It's French Soccer fans!

"Check out my flow... I get paid to be a male escort that exclusively services stagettes."

Waiting outside for a cab... 

The fatigue is settling in...

... and people are starting to crash out.

What? I have to go to sleep between these two angels? Oh what a tragedy... Lights out!

Well boys and girls I'd like to tell you what happened next... but I can't... 

because I fell asleep, stagette parties are very exhausting

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