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Super Soccer Baby

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"I am on the team!!" Barefoot super soccer baby in action

Super Soccer Baby!
The making of a soccer star. Gabriel at 21 months old. This video is about 3:40 with some Spanish acoustic with singing. Video contains similar clips to the first one, plus some more treats, including volleys and back heals.
Headers & Foot Control Skill
Here is "the super soccer baby" at under 2 years of age training his headers and eye-foot coordination. Also, he shows that he can dribble with the outside of his foot. Most 12 year olds can't even do that ;)

The Little Kicking Machine!
Still Only 1 years old... that's right I said ONE! At 20 months old, check out this kicking abilities. This video is about 1:05 seconds with a weird blues/jazz soundtrack.

More Videos of the Super Soccer Baby Coming Soon! Get your contracts ready.

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