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The Secret Power Of Sexual Perception

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You might be great in bed, and amazing lover and a great man to be in a relationship with, but that doesn't really matter... What really matter is what she thinks of you because (her) perception is (her) reality.

Let's dive into this stuff right now!

If you want to get the Sexual Perception, you need to do just two things:

1. Send Strong "lust-generating" Signals (achieved by your words, actions, reactions, etc) She needs to get certain messages from you. And each individual message is an ingredient for cooking up a powerful recipe that you are someone she wants sexually. It is the recipe that you are Sexually Desirable.

2. Direct her Mind State - She needs to feel a certain way. If she thinks you are Sexually Desirable, but she doesn't feel a Certain Way at the right time, then she will not be motivated enough to allow anything to happen. You must discover how to sexually inspire her. It really comes down to every word you say (and what that means to her) and how you respond to her (and what that means to her) and how you act around her (and what that means to her) and how you stand out (and what that means to her).

That's the basics.

Remember those two things.
If your sex life is suffering, then chances are your partner doesn't have a strong sexual perception of you. Trying to brainwash yourself into thinking it is something else [(1) she just has a low libido  (2) she is getting older (3) her hormones hasn't kicked in yet (4) any very convincing excuse] will preserve your ego.


It WILL NOT solve your existing problem. The fact will still remain that she will not have the Needed & Special Perception that makes her more open to sexual activities.

Being in denial protects your precious ego, but it does not address the real problem.

Remember she is a female designed to crave sex when stimulated a Certain Way. She can get intensely horny even on the lowest peak of her monthly libido cycle!

Fact: Men get intensely stimulated by how a woman looks.

Fact: Women get intensely stimulated by how a man makes her feel & and how she feels about him.

There are too many silly techniques out there that focus on specific scripts or pick up lines - Yes even in 2009.

You need to know the psychology behind the whole process - the reason why.

Here's an analogy.

If you live in New York and you want to go to Los Angeles - Would you focus on getting a Red Mercedes Benz, because with it you can drive to LA?

Or would you focus on getting transportation?   

Hopefully you realize that focusing on transportation allows for more (or infinite) possibilities... 

A Red Mercedes Benz may be cool, but chances are there are more effective ways of getting there. And those ways may be cheaper, quicker, more fun, etc.
I've seen guys (thinly disguises as seduction experts) actually instructing guys to tell women specific scripts. That is the foundation of their instructions.

How insane is that?   

That is no different than trying to get to LA from NY by focusing only on trying to use a Red Mercedes Benz as the transportation method. If you are seeking the solution, the bottom line has to be the focus. If you are seeking ways to get sexual perception check out Super Sex Power.

CR James

I hope you enjoyed the report. If you want to learn the Secret Info about increasing your sexual value, then I recommend you read Super Sex Power: Magnetism


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