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Turn Around Those Sexual Rejections

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It's interesting how all new relationships start out with a sexual "bang" (pardon the pun). The couple literally can not keep their hands off each other. Lots of sex. Lots of smiling. Lots of giggling. Lots of love.

But the most amazing thing is how some couples KEEP the passion alive throughout the entire relationship, while other couples never fix the problem.

Today, we'll discuss a very important concept that was never mentioned in the book. Why women stop wanting to have sex.

I have one basic rule:

If you want to learn how to get the passion back in your relationship, make sure you listen to someone who actually did it, because there is no shortage of people trying to sell you information on this topic.

Tip #1: Are you taking her for granted?

Although this is common advice for fixing the relationship, here's the interesting side of it.

When I'm consulting a guy about fixing his sex life, I always like to ask him two questions.

Are you taking her for granted? He normally say "No. Not at all."

Then I'll ask: "Does she THINK you are taken her for granted?" And normally, he'll say "Yes. She THINKS I am.

It's not about the guy's perspective, it's about hers!

That's like saying: "She thinks she doesn't want to have sex with me, when she rejects me for sex..."

If you want to fix your sex life with your partner, the first thing you need to do is find out if she THINKS you are taking her for granted. Most guys are surprised at what they hear.

Here's the reality. Taking her for granted get's old, after a while.

Make her feel just as important now as the day you both met by telling her how much you appreciate her and all that she does for you.

99% of guys are not trained to understand how women process information, so they're always shocked when she ends up leaving him, cheating on him or something worse.

I don't think that guys should just tell their partners they appreciate her. They should take the time to experience the feeling of appreciation first, then tell her. This is something that can be done tonight.

Observe her response.

If you can't get her face to light up with a "comment of deep appreciation", don't expect to become the most desirable guy she has ever experienced.

Let's talk about another common thing that guys do that almost guarantees that she won't want sex - ever!

Don't ever become this type of guy by doing this "common thing".

Another Common Thing The hidden "danger" of being logical during arguments

Most guys enjoy presenting "logic" whenever an argument breaks out, so that becomes the unspoken goal. However, they fail to see things from her perspective. This, of course, is a totally different goal from trying to be as logical as possible. It's often the difference between being the "most desirable man she has ever experienced" and "a guy who want to win the argument" by showing her why he is right.

Here's the "tricky reality". If you're looking for logic to support your perspective, you will find it 100% of the time.

If you feel that you are right all of the time, then you'll definitely need to "let her win" a few times just so you don't end up making her feel as though her "perspective on life" doesn't matter to you.

It may feel weird, but think about it. Her perspective on life represents her reality. Obviously, her reality is going to be different, because she is a different person. So if she doesn't FEEL as though you value her perspective, then you are "neglecting her" on the deepest level imaginable. This is a dangerous mistake! Getting her aroused is all about triggering her emotions on a deep level that feels real to her.

Constant arguing puts a strain on relationships. Arguing only to win or state your point without taking your woman's opinion seriously, can make her feel inferior very fast. Allow yourself to argue respectably as you listen intently to what she says. Train yourself to go through this process, even if it feels unnatural or unmanly.

Not only will making-up be more enjoyable, but you will not be making the same silly mistakes that 95% of frustrated guys make.

Turning Things Around...

When it comes to being desirable to a woman, it all comes down to your ability to make her feel special. Let's rephrase that.

It's all about your ability to make her feel special - at the right time. You see, most guys are capable of doing an above average job at knowing how to make a woman feel special. In fact, most guys are too good at it and they often end up over-doing it. Let's talk about the number one "emotionally important" trait that all Super Desirable Men possess.

Trait #1 Timing.

In other words, he is there when she needs him. Let's face it, with life, there are ups and downs. When times are rough, REAL "sexy men" are by their woman's side the way she needs him to be. He shows her that he is there for her during the good times and bad times. He knows how to make her feel as though everything will be fine. When your woman is going through a troubling situation, don't leave her to fight it out on her own.

Although, you may think it's best if she "toughs" it out, it's important to be there for her. Many women feel extremely alone when she has to go through a tough situations alone. Just knowing that you are there is enough to make her feel good. Show her that you are with her every step of the way. And during the happy times, celebrate with her.

As a simple rule, it's all about having fun with her during the good times and making her feel supported during the bad times. Don't make the huge mistake of assuming she can get through it herself, just because YOU would be fine in that situation.

CR James

I hope you enjoyed the report. If you want to learn the Secret Info about increasing your sexual value, then I recommend you read Super Sex Power: Magnetism


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