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Samana, Dominican Republic

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Palm Tree Paradise
Samana more than any other place in the Caribbean (at least where I have been) is a paradise of palm trees!

Samana Beach
Panorama of our beach at Grand Paradise Samana

Canoes Tree
Lots to do... Like Ride a canoe


Archer's Ready!
Archery! Dave (inside) still has got it, he was once ranked top 35 in Ontario!

Stogie in the Sun
Pete just blazing a stogie in the blazing heat.

Pair of Glasses
How they do that?! Pair of Glasses

Lizard Camo
Camouflaged... The Lizard of Oz

Thorns Macro

My Wife!!
My wife with her nice body!

Me and my wife!!!
My wife with her nice husband!

Ricon Beach
Ricon Beach (supposedly one of the best in the Caribbean)

Waves on Rocks - Ricon Beach Dominican Republic
Crazy waves on Ricon Beach

Samana Panorama
Panorama of Samana, Dominican Republic Photos

The Wonderful Colours of Samana (the town)




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