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Philadelphia USA

Philadelphia - the original American big city of politics, struggle, invention and education. The home of Benjamin Franklin

Same name as my company's (Axiom Group Inc.) President's father.

The top of 1 Liberty Place. Philadelphia's second tallest building

Melon Center - Tower

Pennsylvania State Building with my two countries' flags in the foreground (Canada & Italy)

Urban density

Urban diversity

Urban green space

Urban Culture : Shakespeare Memorial

The Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art is where Rocky trained on those stairs.

A couple of Italian Stallions

Where the fictitious champion stood raising his hands in victory!

The Museum Building has very striking design elements


Looking towards the Comcast Center, Philadelphia's tallest building completed in 2008

The Comcast Center is not only the tallest structure in Philadelphia it is a modern marvel being one of America's eco-friendliest skyscapers.

This is how the lobby entrance looks like... but...

It continuously changes

With moving pictures.

The Philadelphia Skyline from the museum of fine arts

Friendly Folks


Pennsylvania Railroad - Just like in Monopoly

Checkers, Chess, Bingo...

Philadelphia is all fun and games!

So what's not to LOVE about this city?!

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