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Montreal, TKO 20
Sadly Pope John Paul II passed away this weekend. So we decided to go visit some of the most spectacular churches in Montreal, before we set out to watch people beating each other up.

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It was a rainy day.

But this is how St. Joseph's looks like a top of mount royal

TKO 20 Press Conference

Me and Georges St. Pierre (TKO and UFC fighter)

Me and David "The Crow" Loiseau (TKO and UFC fighter)

Martin Grandmont and I

Me and TKO veteren Donald Quimet

TKO President and My Cousin Danny

At The Event: TKO 20. April 2, 2005. Metropolis. Montreal, Canada

As a reporter for the event, I was SO close, look what landed on me... a fighter's blood.

Jason and Tyrone... they are kind of like my in-laws, except they really could also be out-laws, who knows.

Angela and Ryan

Sam Stout Vs. Tyler Jackson. This fight received a standing ovation.

Powerhouse Icho Larenas, took the HW title away from Conliffe.

Ouimet vs. Martinez had a great fight that went to a arguably controversial decision

The Freak was bleeding from a high knee by Goulet.

Mark "the Machine" Homminick defeated Vigneault in a good stand up bout.

Controversy in the ring.

Controversy outside the ring.

Around the city. Montreal

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