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MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
MMA has just recently a very popular sport. I have been watching UFC since the first one came out. At that time over a dozen years back, I had been taking Jui-Jitsu and been a fan of the Gracie family (Royce Gracie is the first UFC Hall of Fame Member). I have also been to many MMA events, which were probably considered "No Holds Bard" fights at the time, but now the sport is very respected. My MMA section has photos of shows, events, pictures of me with famous fighters and articles.

MMA Links

Articles / Photos / Videos

Jeremy Horn Vs. David "The Crow: Loiseau! TKO event Montreal, Canada. A fight I attended and recorded. Entire Fight

Mark Hominick vs. Stephan Vigneault - A fight I attended and recorded (clip) - Very cool spinning back fist here.

My Cool MMA Pictures Below

Me and UFC Hall of Fame Member Dan "The Beast" Severn. I was going to give him a shot in the gut, but I wanted to spare him of my agonizing power.

Dan and the girls... Hey get your hand off or I'll... do nothing about it.

My sister and Carlos Newton (Pride, UFC fighter). One of the original Canadian true mma/ground specialist.

Carlos Newton and Dan Severn

Dan Severn's UFC Belt

Me and UFC and TKO Fighter David Loiseau "the Crow"

Me and George St. Pierre - TKO & UFC Champ and MMA Superstar. See we are both 5"11 and 170 lbs. He basis his body specs on my profile, who would blame him, being that I am a prototype of power and pain!?

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