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Mike and Gina's Wedding

Robert and Ang (left) are Mike's siblings. They were the best man and maiden of honour and me well I was honoured to be a groomsmen...

... and also honoured to be able to mind the shots at the greeting table

I had help however, from Gina's sister.

Here comes Trouble... with a capital T

But maybe they are coming prepared to be mediators, because...

... when the whole Di Serio family shows up, there is always drama.

Yes, we always find ways to colour things up a bit.

How old would you guess is the average age of these females? I honestly say they look between 18-20 years old a piece.

"Hahaha..." the combined age of these women is 83. That's an average of 28. Now would you not reckon they look very youthful?

... and my sister is the oldest at 31... so I wonder why my hair keeps getting whiter if we have these youthful genetics?

Jason and Cesira

hmmmm.... interesting.

A tale of two talking towers. Look at Ryan and Thomas and Ang's head.

Photographer "I am going to take a picture, cheers your drinks and act happy about it."

I said "cheers your drink and act happy about it!!!" Okay... Got it!

Cheers to Mike and Gina.

Gina, please do the "look at me, I just got married" pose...

Perfect. Thanks. You nailed it!

Next Morning. Robert, taking care of the last of unfinished business.

This wedding is a shut case. 10 out of 10! Job well done. gentlemen!

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