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How to Write a Love Letter, Poem or Note

Many times we have strong sentiments for that special someone, but even more often we just can't find the words to express our feelings to that person. To make matters even worst, if you are in a relationship, it is expected from you, from time to time, especially on special occasions like Valentine's or your anniversary, to write a sweet message in a card. 

So what's the solution? You can write a love letter or poem. That will usually do the trick.

But let us face it, most people are not clever at writing poetry, or stringing together a series of meaningful, touching words. Most of us can't even think of anything that rhymes. Writing comes naturally to some people, but for most of us there is learning and training involved. If you follow this outline and follow your heart, you'll get some original poetry and your partner will adore you for it! So here is the step-by-step on how to write good sexy poetry or a love letter.

  1. Get personal - Start with Dear (your partners name), and sign the end with your name.
  2. Get even more personal - I love you is good, but specifics are better. What do you love about this person? What are their best qualities. Try to stick to personality traits here.
  3. Get sexy - Make sure you speak about their beauty and how it makes you feel. Be specific about their eyes, hair or whatever attracts you to them.
  4. The letter should be more about you than them - Make sure you include how the person makes YOU feel. Don't only say "you are wonderful", try something like "I feel wonderful being around you, because you are wonderful". They want to see you are writing it from YOUR heart, it should NOT be a series of compliments.
  5. Be unique - Isolated something that the two of you share or something unique about them., and mention it. This could be an inside joke, special names you use with each other, or a special place you've been together. This so the letter allows the to focus on the two of oyu, rather than making it a generic daydream about fairytale love.
  6. Acknowledge your flaws - If you have neglected or taken for granted your partner, let them know you are flawed and hate hurting them more than anything in the world.
  7. Tell them - You love them.
  8. Use examples - Search for good poems online, use some phrases or formats with some modifications to not infringe and to stay original.
That's it! This should give you a great heart felt love letter or poem. Remember; write from your heart not your head. If you are still stuck or need more help, try the small little free program I made at http://www.InstantLoveNote.com it will help you out immensely.

Remember a love letter should normally only be sent to someone you are in a serious relationship with. It is not recommended to send a love letter to someone you are infatuated with.

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