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Lot 932 - Condo/Bar/Lounge/Club
Just gazing out my condo balcony looking at the Scarborough Civic centre building on a beautiful fall day feeling a little blue and I start thinking...

We have a nice view and...

some great shapes... but I think this condo could use something with a different type of nice view and great shapes

... something like this

... or this (yes I am a sucker for red pants and white shirts... it represents Canada and Poland)

So we can sit next to each other have a drink and put our hands...  where?!! 
*completely incidental photo

that could feel nice...

... and get people tired too. But there is a solution...

Call in the reinforcements 

... and get the party started

That is usually alls it takes to get Bernie out of bed

... just on time for the preview


... does this camera even work?

... obviously not no more thanks to Bernie's pose.

Well, I'm never blue when my friends come over.

The Shady Bandits

See I told you it has a great view... that's why we call it Lot 932... There will be many more photos posted here too, that I can assure you

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