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Life is good so let's protect it

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Why is there a huge different between living a good life and living the good life?

The former means living a healthy and morally sound life and the latter quite the contrary. Funny how a small shift in language changes everything. There are continual debates in our society about what is good and what’s not. Actually, the critical debates occur over what is paramount in our society, for instance in today’s green movement, we see a lot of people asking us to do a lot of things to help out planet earth and we see a lot of people taking money for causes related to that, but we don’t see any improvements to the environment, just more and more consumption along with further and further debates. While pondering these issues I ask myself why do we discuss these issues so fervently, what is the most important thing that we are trying to protect?

The answer lies within life itself. Actually the answer is life period. The only reason why we should care for our environment is because it sustains our lives (along with a plethora of other species). Life is what is important, the good things in life are subordinate to life itself.

Choice is good, but without life there is no choice. Freedom is good, but only because it allows us to enjoy our lives. Charity is good, because it helps others to live their lives (well). A clean environment is nice, but only because it enables us to live healthily. It’s all about life; life and living are paramount over everything. The only institution that I see fervently hammering this point, is the Catholic Church. While people fight for the right for choice and the freedom—to usually impose their will and actions at the expense of others, the church fights for the right to life.

She tells us that life is paramount over choosing abortion and euthanasia. She tells us that the family is the building block of our society and the best (but not perfect) foundation  of life.

Did we choose to be born? I know I didn't. You and I didn’t choose to be alive, someone or something, whatever you want to call it, genetics, fate, luck, science or God gave you life. Someone gave you that gift and it is a gift that without, all other rights wouldn’t exist. We manipulate words to justify abusing the most fundamental right of all.

Take these sentences and compare.

“I’ve been given the gift of life so I choose the fight for the right to life for all.”

“It’s my life, so I can choose whether or not my unborn baby or my old and disabled parent gets to live.”

I am sorry to sound drastic or harsh. However, the first sentence is selfless and the second is possessive and selfish. It’s my baby, my life, my right! Mine, mine, mine!!! The only reason why one would even be able to have the ability to have the second statement as an opinion is because someone or a group of people had the belief of the first statement and gave us a chance to live our own lives (and make our own decisions). Of course personal freedom and choice are critical, but not when they interfere with the personal freedom and choice of others directly or unnaturally. We are all in this together, we didn't choose to be alive, and we’ve all been given the gift of life, so we should all be fervently trying to enable ourselves and others a chance to have life, to live life and live a good life. The world is filled with beautiful treasures, gifts and mysteries. So even living the good life is okay too, as long as we don’t become our own gods and think that it is our right to do whatever we want at the expense of others. Some people say that only healthy people should mate? What is this rhetoric? That’s what tyrants do. They impose their selfish will onto others and they decide who gets to live or die. Are many of us becoming mini-tyrants choosing who ought to live or die?

Everyone is special and important. The book of Jeremiah 1:5 written almost 500 B.C. illustrates this beautifully… "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”

Wow! That’s powerful stuff. God is telling the prophet Jeremiah that he specifically creates life for us as individuals to live. We should never try to take that away from anyone.

Thank God for modern science which actually proves that fetus' are alive and human. With ultrasound technology and thermal imaging and advanced camera technology we now have we can see without a shadow of a doubt just how alive (and human) a fetus really is. It’s ridiculous how old proponents of pro-choice used the argument that a fetus isn’t a person yet! Ridiculous,  did anyone really believe that? We were all fetus' in our mother's wombs. We know that tadpoles become frogs and caterpillars become butterflies, so does that mean that tadpoles and caterpillars are not worth keeping alive, because they are a more elementary form of specie? It’s just ludicrous the justifications we conjure up to behave inconsiderately.

Hands down the best part of life is being alive! We need to keep this in the for-front of our minds. We need to protect all forms of life at all costs. Even at the expense of our freedom and choice, because life is the only thing itself that makes it all worth while. So smile… because life is good!!

21 week old fetus smiling!


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