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Top 15 Skylines of The World

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Juxtaposed in Jakarta, stands old and new, Eastern Asian and Modern Western, traditional and current, rich and poor. Within the city lays a great  contrast between Western-style modern skyscrapers and traditional Indonesian culture. The skyline is a good representation of the city. It lacks any kind of real centralized or linear pattern, but does have some key blocks of skyscapers that do represent the central business core. During the day one can see these buildings are mostly white in colour and are very easy on the eyes with a blue sky backdrop. At night, they turn into a gala of neon lights representing the energetic and erratic pace of this mega-metropolis.

Metro/Urban Population

12 Million

Structures Above 200m


World's Tallest City Ranking


Di Serio Score

Height 7
Density 7
Style 6
Feats 6
Unique 6
Geography 6
Total 50
Jakarta Skyline - This photo is not for sale.
Jakarta Skyline - This photo is not for sale.  
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