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Italy World Cup Champs 2006
Celebration for their final and victory on St. Clair in "Little Italy" in Toronto. Toronto has the largest population of Italians outside of Italy. And only two cities in Italy have more Italians!! So, you know it was a party! What a night. Italy's world cup victory was one of the greatest displays of team work, tenacity and talent every displayed in modern sport!!! 

A Sea... of VICTORY!!!
YEAAH!! My little cousin Sage (only 4) parties like it's 2006! Dan's photo.


I owned all the vintage Italian gear. Flags, yes. But a 2002 world cup shirt. A 1994 World Cup hat and my famous soccer balls boxers.

And my 2004 Italia soccer shirt and my 2000 Azzurri ITALIA hat.

Sorry its a little shaky up here...

I was on a bus shelter. I wonder if that's legal?!

Italia Numero Uno!!!

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