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Italy Trip
My father and I went to Italy for about a dozen days. We started in Milan and went from north to south, where we experience a lot of adventures in a short amount of time. 

My award winning "Tunnel to the Unknown" Milan Malpensa Airport Photo

Driving along side the mountains

After Florence, it was adventures in nature, at my uncle's mountain top home. The worst thunder and lightning storm I'd ever been in happened that night!

Me and my aunts and uncle from Italy

The youngest brothers

Cesena/Cesenatico (Da Vinci is said to have influenced/designed much of this port town)

Palazzo San Gervasio, where my Great Uncle (Donato) and Great Aunt (Maria) live.

Castello Del Monte

St margarita de Savio, beach town

Pops and I went to swim in the Adriatic Sea!

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