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MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
MMA has just recently a very popular sport. I have been watching UFC since the first one came out. At that time over a dozen years back, I had been taking Jui-Jitsu and been a fan of the Gracie family (Royce Gracie is the first UFC Hall of Famer). I have also been to many MMA events, which were probably considered "No Holds Bard" fights at the time, but now the sport is very respected. My MMA section has photos of shows, events, articles, pictures of me with famous fighters.

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Soccer is the World's most popular sport, and it is with good reason. It simply kicks ass! It takes all elements of human physical and mental achievement and puts it to the test against another team. It is like a battlefield in a war, without death of course. Strength, strategy and skill = soccer. My father and sister are soccer players and coaches too. I have played both competitive and recreationally in local and regional leagues most of my life. Now I run my own team called the Scar Bros. (we live in Scarborough Ontario, and we are united like Brothers.)

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Music - Guitar
I have been playing guitar for over 15 years. I have gone through many phases in my life, dedicating ample time to music and then stretches with not playing at all. "Temporal Dystopia" (literally meaning a finite hellish existence), was my biggest musical success, we played many shows in Toronto and area with hundreds of people in the audience. We also released a 4 song demo and wrote and recorded dozens of others songs. Today, I just play for fun, and one day aspire to digitally record guitar-based rock pieces.

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With the digital camera revolution, I quickly jumped aboard and have recently begun enjoying taking photographs and doing post processing work (e.g. PhotoShop). I especially enjoy taking my camera on trips or during travels. Landscapes, cityscapes, architecture and sometimes people are my favourite things to shoot. I enjoy taking real shots during adventures, rather than contrived photographs. I like my photos to be a reflection of my experience. On my photo page I have many photo and travel photo journals, along with other pics.

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I like to spy. Not really, actually I don't illegally spy on anyone. However, I have always been fascinated with the clandestine world of intelligence and secrecy. Growing up, I always thought of 007 and other fictional spies as the coolest alpha males on earth! We used to play a role playing game called "Top Secret" made by TSR, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but way better, because it is set in the present. In 1996 I made my first spy web site; spyaccess.com and since then I have been creating and running dozens of spy and investigation related web sites.

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