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The World is Going to Shits (by the numbers)

The world is going to shit... and here is proof. Read on below...


Just look at those numbers go! 

The most astonishing and chilling stats include, oil pumped, number of abortions, number of forest hectares lost, the earth's temperature rising and the number of species extinct. More people die from suicide than all violence and war combined. Yet, we spend most our time & resources sensationalizing war & violence.

This is an indication of the playing-God mentality of today's people. The number of people dying from diseases, accidents, etc. is not very startling, since most of it is self-inflicted by the nature of the social choices we make (with the exception of people in exploited situations). 

What is stark, is the fact that we blame to governments and the big businesses for the world's problems. However, as Plato said, the external government is a reflection of the collective individual's internal government. Meaning, that our inner values as individuals and as a group, manifest themselves in the world around us. In other words, the external government is simply a reflection of the internal government of the collective. Let's face it, to the governments we are not people, we are taxpayers. To big businesses we are not people, we are consumers. Why do they view us like this? Because WE all view the Earth's resources, forest and nature, oil, animals and babies as expendable objects used for our own conveniences. Our collective ways are so disturbing and we must stop blaming the government and global conglomerates for everything. It's time to change ourselves, here and now.

I believe the only way we can change, is to stop being consumers and to start being contributors. Yes, we can debate for eons on what the best ways are to accomplish this. Another long subject with various opinions. Well how about for starters, just try something simple and let's work on changing our values while becoming a little more humble. We need to personally start valuing the Earth's resources, forest and nature, oil, animals and human life more than money, cars, jobs, happiness, feeling good and having convenience. Some call this revolutionary change in value, a paradigm shift, other's call it being radical, and others merely refer to this as being a good respectful person. Call it what you will, I believe changing your mind is easier than changing someone else or the whole world to suit yourself. Thus, it is each one of our individual responsibilities to change what we value. Then, maybe in turn, collectively our governing internal values will reflect outwardly on the external government (namely politically & economically for now). This force governments to comply with our values and see us a people rather than just voters and taxpayers, and big businesses will see us as friends and partners rather than consumers.

Hence, contrary to popular belief, the easiest thing to change first, is your mind. Once your values have changed, the world around you will begin to change too. 

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." Edward R. Murrow

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