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Alexandra & Luigi's Engagement Party

Alexandra & Luigi's Engagement Boat Cruise Party

Here is the commodious vessel we boarded

Here is the commodious vehicle we used to get there

We set a sail on a foggy warm evening in Toronto's harbour


Tina (left) helped Alex and I organize the whole thing, she runs this boat. Check them out at

After dinner and some drinks...

... and some chit chat

and texting


night began to fall

... and dinner was over

The night became perfect

To gather in the upper deck

... and get the party started

Hey guys what do you think about the Toronto FC's soccer team this year?
Thought so!


Here are some more funny faces...

Funny face pictures rock!


"Dude we both graduated from urban planning and I could swear to you that the CN tower used to be THIS tall, now it is this tall"!

Toronto's lovely nightscape

Omg I have a good idea... that's such a good idea!!

Public make out session...

I swear there is something amusing over to the left (well their left and our right)... I think

Are you laughing with me?!

The beautiful bride to be...


Yo finish your drink already, we have to get off the boat...

Un boarding the cruise...

Catch Patricia you forgot something... I can't mention what piece of artifact that is

By the way ladies... all of Charlie's angles were not brunettes, so I don't know if you can pull it off...

Oh yeah, how about this?!

Or this...

Yeah good job ladies, you look more like female Alvin, Simon and Theodore!! *RUNS FOR COVER*

Thank you Empress of Canada & Thank you Toronto Skyline Cruises and especially thank you friends and family for making our engagement party so special for us! You all rock (our boat). Pardon the pun.

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