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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

We flew out of Toronto with West Jet

Leaving things like the traffic mess of the 400/401 behind

To something a little more appealing

Christina and Alex on the way to the resort.  Alex was here for Christina... She was getting married on the beach.

But these (I mean this) is the reason I am here. my hot Romanian girlfriend.

Tuck your belly in you ate too much buffet

The preceding are in and around our room... at the Bahia Principe resort...


Smoking can kill you, unless you are a piratas, then it is good for you

Or if you do it while drinking

The Wedding...

Last moments to reflect...

The gorgeous bride


Do you? I do. Me to... YAY!

I wonder how his shot came out?


Parents of the bride

The whole group

Thank you all for coming. *Thumbs up dudes now go home*

Ciao, ciao, ciao! Bye, bye, bye... Oh we oh we ah, oh we oh we ah!

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