Sent By: Izzy

Comments: I read your views on when a man should say 'I love you'. Without sounding bitter or uneducated, let me say that you are downright stupid. There is no time limit on when to say the three magic words and once said that does not mean the woman has the man under her control. Let me're single, right? I cannot believe your thoughts. There is always a dance when it comes to relationships, however, playing games or making rules to the extent that you have is truly humorous. How else can I say're a fucking moron and I would never date a guy like you. You're full of yourself and give other men bad advice. Izzy

My Reply: Yeah... you sound really mature and non-bitter. With a name like Izzy, I'd be bitter too. Are you mad because I only believe in the expression of true love is neither words nor feelings? Please do yourself a favour and go do some soul searching to discover the true meaning of love. I'm not mad. I forgave you already.