Sent By: Amber 

Comments: You confuse me.. In one article you say you should not tell a woman you love her even if you do.. and in another article about writing a love letter you say it's a good idea to put I love you in it... hmmm... And I also want to let you know that in the article about not saying I love you... you sound like a jerk! I mean you are telling guys to be hot and cold... It's guys like you that confuse the shit out of women and break hearts... You are a very talented writer though.. so I'll give you that... but that's all you get from me... 

My Reply:  Amber,

Thanks for your comments. My suggestions are for people not to throw around "I Love You" around like they are going out of style. I hear people saying "I love this/that"... people love everything. They are killing the meaning and the value of the statement. I have written many sexy love notes to my LONG TERM girlfriends, when I really felt I did love them (and btw they are REALLY GOOD). The "I Love You" article is less about saying the words I LOVE YOU and more about me telling men who become obsessed over women/woman like they are prizes, to slow down. The woman is not the prize, the bond that a man and a woman share from mutual-level attraction, affection and reasonable expectations in a relationship is the prize. 

"It's guys like you that confuse the shit out of women and break hearts..." I'm sorry but I beg to differ. People who do know me, know that I try to be and I preach men to be, loyal, honourable and faithful gentlemen. In other words, like MEN ought to be. The type of men that make women happy.

So that's all I get from you?! Too bad. How about a photo signed XOXO?


***UPDATE: Amber did send me her photo... cute. Thanks