Sent By: Tiffany

Comments:   So, I just read your article about metrosexuality. And I've realize that you're still stuck in the 1950s. So I think you need a reading list to get you to the contemporary era: -"Gender trouble" by Judith Butler -"The History of Sexuality"..books 1, 2 and 3 by Michele Foucault - In fact, anything else by Judith Butler -Anything by Catherine MacKinnon -"Notes Towards a Radical Theory of Sexuality" and "The Traffic of Women" by Gayle Rubin And that, is just a start. Additionally, I challenge you to go speak to a drag queen about their gender identity and their feelings about metrosexuality. Furthermore, I challenge you to reread your piece, and tell me where you were not being homophobic and/or heterosexist. In short, you're not an expert, get over yourself.

My Reply:   I'm stuck in the 50s? I was never alive in the 50s so how can I be stuck somewhere, I've never been? I'm probably stuck in my body. That's why I can't "Get over myself"... It's kind of hard, I'm not that flexible. I'd like to read that material, but I did re-read my piece, and yes, you are right I am heterosexist. I am pro-hetero, and against divorce and the destruction of the social fabric that hold our society together, families. I challenge you to tell me what is wrong with that?