Sent By: Mavis

Comments: What happened to the cute little blonde featured so prominently in your earlier photos? She is sadly missing from your newest pics. I'm not sure how I came across your site, but I've been an occasional visitor over the past couple of years. I am a thwarted photographer, and I love your shots! Mavis

My Reply:  First of, I'm flattered that you've been a visitor of mine for so long! Thank you for your compliments. This means a lot to know people like you visit (and return to) my site from all over the world. Anyway, that Cute little blonde girl was my ex-fiancée. I was only with her cause she was very photogenic and enhanced my site.... just joking. Well we are not together anymore, so I doubt you'll be seeing her photos in any new series, but in good time, I'll be sure to find an equally cute little blonde to replace her with so I can keep your loyal eyes coming back time and again to view my web site pages.