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Comment: is funny how the process of researching a trip halfway around the world to Singapore takes me to a site about a boy in Scarborough who used to be my neighbour. Not as big a world as I thought!

My Reply:  It is also funny how we have not seen each other in years, but we both ended up studying Urban Planning and we are both apparently fond of Singapore. Reminds me of the Metallica lyrics "So close... no matter how far"... we are all connected in someway, I guess you can unplug a connection, but the energy created can never be destroyed, just sent on a temporary discourse, Einstein told me so. 

I'm just jealous you got around to planning a trip to Singapore before I did when I'm the older one here. Oh yeah, but I'm a "boy", thus far less mature.

Well, I hope you found what you were looking for on my site. I doubt it.