Sent By: Stephanie C. (a.k.a. Train)

Hi Luigi... a little birdie told me about your website, and I must say I am VERY VERY impressed. I am at a loss for words... there is nothing I can possibly say to describe how great this website is.. HONESTLY! Very insightful! I guess there is more to you than meets the eye! HAHAHA. I  really enjoyed reading your articles, especially the "Gender Relations" ones, even though they are male-biased, yet soooo true!!! Do you practice what you preach? HAHAHA! ;) And your article: "What a girl wants"... well... you're GOOD! You hit that one right on the nose! LOL!! Sounds a bit like me.... (blush). hahaha. Well, I am looking forward to some new material! And, I agree with your sister... truly "a gift from above"! 

CHOOO CHOOO!!! Don't fall off the tracks!! :)

My Reply:  I'm happy you enjoyed my articles and that I made you blush. I do that to people... errr.. I mean females. Do I practice what I preach?! YEAH! Good one. My track record with women is absolutely dreadful! I've been dumped quite a few times and I would recommend every last piece of advice I've given to anyone, because you know what they say. None of them are the right one, until the last one.

You know how much I like trains... so don't push me to the limit or I might derail!