Sent By: Jsahaida99

Hey I just wanted to let you know that your skyline list sucks. It sucks due to St. Louis, Missouri not being on the list. You have a bunch of dull Tokyo wannabe Asian cities on it. St. Louis has one of the most beautiful but under appreciated skylines in the world. The Gateway Arch is the crown jewel that makes it an awesome site to view especially when your coming up on the downtown from the west coming over the Mississippi River. Although the size of the buildings are no match for major international cities the simplicity and small scale are what makes the skyline great! -Citizen of StLouisMO

My Reply: No need to hate, if you don't like my skylines list make your own. I like many mid-sized skylines and believe they have a lot of character. Although I am considering adding another 5 skylines to the list St. Louis still won't be on the list for it can barely even be considered a skyline. There are suburbs in some metropolis' that have bigger and more modern skylines than that of St. Louis. Sure the Arch looks very nice and is a defining characteristic of that city, which is an important criteria for ranking my skylines list, but the rest of the buildings are average at best.