Sent By: John Alvarado

I might get in trouble having sent this email here to circumvent the 350 character limit.

You can get mad but here is my piece :

Stumbled upon you site listing the world's best skyline and I'm quite impressed. Hats off. I haven't travelled much around the world - although I have been to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and some other cities in the US. Originally coming from a humble city of Manila where there is hardly any skyline except for a few along the coast of Manila Bay (well you may consider the high rises of the neighboring city of Makati the skyline of Manila but is not very impressive compared to the cities in your list).

The reason I write is to share my sentiments about a city's skyline. I have not been outside the Philippines until I arrived in the US for a job interview 10 years ago. I flew into the US via Los Angeles to see my 2 brothers in California. The moment we landed at LAX the signature building of which is Jetson-like "theme building" as the LAX website calls it, my reaction was "just like as I saw it in Speed." And that's just one building. I can still remember that moment filled with excitement. It evoked a feeling of "I have arrived (after all the hard work and sacrifice- it's not easy to get a visa for the US from a 3rd world country; got mine because I was going for interview in several hospitals in the East coast for my medical residency training). From LAX to my relatives house, as the late-fall sun bathed the downtown LA building I said to myself "WOW, L.A. Law." That was still vivid in my mind and the elation I felt.

So that the reason why I lingered in these site. I have heard how stunning Hong Kong's skyline especially when viewed from across the sea. Pretty as it is, it doesn't evoke a an emotional connection. Maybe when I see it in person, and my jaw drops I would be saying "wow, that's why Luigi ranked it's #1."

I want to talk about New York having lived & worked there for 3.5 years but it's depressing. Flashbacks from that day still make me feel I wanna cry (I was back in LA by then.) I have never seen New York City yet with out the Twin Towers.

Skylines are powerful indeed.

I thank you.

John Alvarado
Los Angeles, Calif. USA

My Reply: John... I can't get mad at anyone writing about skylines!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and other visitors. I hear Manila has a lot more modern skyscrapers now then it did 10 years ago, and it is growing, but you probably know more than me on that subject. Cheers from Toronto and make sure you visit this city, I think you'll enjoy it also