Sent By: Cinzia

...YES !! Greetings from Italy because I'm italian and my name is Cinzia. Two days ago I was looking for pictures about Palazzo San Gervasio (my parents are from Palazzo) and I found your site. WONDERFUL web site, Luigi !! I watched photos about your travel in Italy and every photos about Toronto, Montreal, New York because 5 years ago, during the summer 2000, I was in Canada. My uncle, aunt ( they are from Palazzo too ) and cousins live in Toronto. UNFORGETTABLE experience !! Please say Hi to Toronto and Italian people !! :-) :-) P.S. I'am sorry...I don't write in english very well. If there are errors please ...SMILE !!

My Reply: Thank you Cinzia, I am glad you had a good time in Toronto. That's the impression we should leave you Europeans! I wonder if my father knows your family?! Your English is great too. Ciao