Sent By: Mike

Hey Man! Great site! I am also a huge fan of skyscrapers and skylines, and have enjoyed your site so much. Pictures are clear, and really help to visually discribe these cities and their beauty. I am a personal fan of Toronto Canada, and am glad to see it on your list; but am somewhat disappointed in the picture displayed. There are many more night pics that are breath taking. Can't wait until Trump tower and Sapphire towers are built and add to this amazing skyline. Great site man!

My Reply: I am sorry about the pic, I will look for a new one... actually better yet, I am going to go take some myself and make a whole page on Toronto, so come back to visit soon. 2008/2009 those towers should be done and with the 55 story Ritz Carelton also being planned, Toronto is going to look amazing in 5 years. It will stay world class in terms of skylines