Name: David O.

Location: Brampton, ON Canada

Comment: I finally finished reading your Skyline site and really enjoyed it. The one thing I might recommend is saying how many stories something is versus metres. Stories are easier to understand for those who are metrically-challenged. As a former journalism grad, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you I caught some grammatical errors. I would also liked to have seen some stats to prove some of the things you would say (like "most visited city" or "most beautiful," etc. Oh, one more thing...don't worry, not a criticism but a request. I was disappointed to not see Vancouver or Victoria BC even get an honourable mention. Can you include them next time (and L.A. too). Thanks for letting me ramble on.

My reply: Davie, Davie, let's address each concern of yours. As for your request for stories instead of metres, I can't do that for you man sorry. The amount of floors a building doesn't always reveal how tall it is. For example, a building can have 100-stories and be shorter than a building that has 70 because of various factors such as floor sizes can vary, or the architectural styles differ. Meters indicates height, maybe I can also keep it in feet too. Your journalism skills caught me, I know there are plenty of errors, it is hard to catch them for me, because I think fast, type fast and don't review much... so if you find any particular errors, let me know. AS for Vancouver and L.A. I can't include those because this is neither a list of personal preference nor a list of selection, it is pseudo-science. There is a formula to city selection and I can't stray from it or else my list would have to be called "my favourite skylines" and it is called the "TOP skylines" for a specific reason. As for sources, I see if I can add some, but don't count on it happening any time soon, I forget them. lol. Thanks for your comments and please make sure my money is secure in your vault, thanks!