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The real message behind "I think therefore I am". Manifest your own reality.

Many of us have heard the expression “cogito, ergo sum”… "I think, therefore I am". This statement is widely attributed to René Descartes, which became a fundamental part of Western thinking. This idea has been primarily used in a philosophical manner to prove to ourselves that we exist, because of our ability to be cognitive of the fact that we exist. Sure everyone could be a figment of each other’s imagination but for the sake of actually conceptualizing something useful, let’s assume we are not all living in the Matrix. Even though Descartes made this phrase popular, he certainly borrowed the idea from St. Augustine. At the time, liberal independent secular thinking separate from the church was becoming prevalent and being pushed hard, thus the accreditation was directed at Descartes instead of St. Augustine. Regardless, the message is clear, but I believe it is and has been WIDELY misinterpreted for centuries and is even more so now especially.

It appears that these philosophers, Descartes and St. Augustine are trying to tell us that since we think, therefore we exist. But I ask you to reconsider what they were trying to illustrate. I think they had a different message and if you bear with me on this one, I promise it will be worth it. These were very spiritual men, who would never doubt their existence. Men of faith seldom question things like their existence, because of their firm belief in God and the creation of man and the universe. I think their message was different and the true message behind cogito ergo sum is a coveted secret that very few people keep in hiding, because of it’s power. A message that if all clearly understood would benefit each of us as individuals and collectively immensely. I think the message was actually depicting “whatever I think, is what I am”. Are you still with me? In other words, “with my thoughts, I create my existence”. I am whatever I think I am. They are trying to clearly portray that we, as cognitive self-aware humans, have full control of only one thing… our own thoughts. Everything else is seemingly out of our control.

Albert Einstein said “imagination is a thousand times more powerful than intelligence” and he is arguably one of the most intelligent men to ever exist.

Our imagination is so powerful, we could say it is powerful beyond belief, but that all depends on what you believe. If you believe in limits you will live in limits. Beliefs are merely a product of a collection of thoughts that are deemed conclusive in your mind, a prejudice actually. If you see yourself happy and successful, that’s what you’ll be or that’s what you’ll become in time. You know the expression “if you fake it long enough, you’ll become it”? Well that expression is prevalent here. If you think you are happy and you think happy thoughts, you’ll consequently feel happy. What you think and feel is the bulk of what makes up your living reality. Additionally it has been scientifically proven that your thoughts and mindset effect your physiology. The problem is that most of us assume that feelings come first, then we think about justifications as to why we feel that way. However, the most successful people, first think up their realities using things like goals, their imagination, visualization, affirmations, prayers, meditation and other forms of cognitive expression (such as art and science) and create feelings from that.  It’s true, think about it. Why do we always say things like “it’s my dream to…”; “I have a vision that one day…” or “I can (or can’t) see that happening.”?? We say these things because we are literally visualizing our future or our past experiences. That’s why athletes “visualize” performances before and after they occurred. That’s why performers run though their entire routine over and over in their head before they hit the stage. Strong minded and spirited individuals use things like meditation or use hypnosis to achieve various states of cognitive awareness. These are just methods of refining thoughts, specifically subconscious ones, which in turn bypass limited conscious beliefs. Limited conscious beliefs control our reality in the materialistic physical world. Limited beliefs = Limited thoughts = limited imagination (or the belief that imagination is just silly and childish) = limited reality.

Thoughts are not limited by the confines of space and time, as are our physical bodies, however our social habits and physical enslavement have shackled us to the confines of limitation. In terms of thoughts, there is no past or future... no limits. Nobody can control your thoughts. Thoughts are simply energy fields. This has already been proven scientifically. Children have the wildest imaginations and think of some of the most amazing things in the world. They have so much fun doing it, until their parents and our pathetically limiting social system (including education) takes it away from them by imposing restrictive belief systems on them**. I wonder if the developers Google or PlayStation or Windows were shunned away from using their imagination? Doubt it! As a matter of fact every great invention, great piece of art or great technology began as a thought in someone’s imagination. These types of successful companies encourage the uses of creative imaginative thinking. It’s the basis of their intellectual property.

Thoughts are energies that burn into the universe and manifest themselves in physical ways. And whatever they are is what you choose to focus on. This may sound far-fetch and hard to believe, but you can create your own reality by virtue of what you choose to think and ultimately what you choose to focus on. The more importance you give to a thought, the more prevalent and real it becomes. I will provide examples of this in a moment. It never really occurred to me just how important the distinction between thoughts and focus are until someone made me aware of it. We can think of a number of things, thereby carving out many channels of possibilities for ourselves. Then it is our choice as to what we focus on. That’s what freewill is the essential ingredient of our spiritual existence. These philosophers and almost all great spiritual teachers preached about the decisions and choices we have and their importance. Apparently, random events do happen, but we still choose how to react to them. We have all heard the saying “if you believe it for long enough, it will come to be”, this statement is not about ignorance, but about the power of thoughts and their manifestation.

Let me show you some real examples of situations that people encounter regularly and their thoughts, focus and the energies of manifestation create reality.

Scenario 1: The jealous man
A guy thinks his girlfriend of cheating on him, but she isn’t. He has many thoughts about her being unfaithful, he sees her smile at someone at a social event and perceives it as if she is sexually flirting. He accuses her of being promiscuous and she begins to lose respect for him. She withdraws a little bit. Now he mistrusts her even more claiming ‘she is hiding something’. He is sickened by her every move. She tried to love him but can’t any longer. She is driven into the arms of another and… bam. He was right. He created his own reality by choosing to focus on infidelity. Here’s the crazy part. Even if she never cheated at all, he would still experience the same anguishing feelings of betrayal, because that’s what he believes is true and the feelings associated with this betrayal are prevalent and real to him. His thoughts made it real to him regardless of whether it did happen or not.

Scenario 2: Taken for granted or cherished
A woman with a very kind and generous heart is always giving to others, it brings her great joy to do this and it makes her happy and most people she is kind towards, are extremely grateful for it. However, this woman has a cynical friend, who starts to tell her “stop letting people take advantage of you”. Now the next time she is in situation where someone is in need of help, she hesitates, remember what her friend said. She thinks “this person is using me”, she starts to become bitter and continues to see everyone asking for a favour as an attempt to use her. All the people that once admired her are now beginning to change their opinions about her and drift away from her. Inevitably she feels abandoned and concludes that her friend was right along, because these people are no longer close to her, ever since she stopped being so naïve and letting them take her for granted. Low and behold, she created her reality with her thoughts and her choice of focus. Had she of just taken it with a grain of salt and continue to do what brought her joy, she would be happy and admired and people would probably even start giving more back to her then she could ever anticipate.

This isn’t a case of the glass is half empty or half full. This isn’t a case of pessimism and optimism. This isn’t a case of cynicism or blissful ignorance. No. It just is. You think, you create reality and this reality has no label, it  just is what it is… existence. 

So now that you know this, what can you do to use this to your advantage? It’s three simple steps. 

  1. Focus. Focus on what you want and give glance to but don’t focus on obstacles or negative outcomes.

  2. Visualize. See it happen and trust with blind faith that it will come. DO NOT interfere or try to control how it will come to be.

  3. Faith and Grace. Have utmost gratitude for what you do have and act grateful as if you already have what you are thinking of. Have faith that it will happen. This allows your energy and your subconscious mind to become open to opportunities and be able to more easily see open windows that may help you lead to your goals.

You create reality with your thoughts because thoughts do become things. So choose your thoughts wisely. You are in control, of only that. Cogito, ergo sum. You think therefore you are… what you think you are and what you think about.  

It's time to stop living as a slave to your lower forms of intelligence. Hunger, emotions, feelings, lust and your earthy desires are probably controlling you right now... when you should be controlling them. You are a higher form of intelligence, you are not simply an animal that adheres only to instincts and physical desires. You have a gift that you should be grateful for. Use this great gift you have, your power of intent and your power of creation through thought manifestation.

"Faith is believing what you do not see, 
the result of faith is seeing what you believe" 
St. Augustine

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*NOTE & WARNING: Today's self-help marketing gurus have told us that we can have whatever it is we like and this not only false, it is the mechanism that drives consumerism. One that is annihilating the earth's resources. Using manifestation to only create material things or selfish things can come with a price. Focusing on what is important comes with a moral responsibility and that responsibility is up to you.
** I am not saying that moral or religious systems are limiting, in fact I actually believe that the basis of religions (such as Christianity) call for us to create and share joy with our thoughts, words and actions and calls for us to use our free will to make the right choices when we are faced with temptations or moral dilemmas. In other words many people view religious/spiritual beliefs as limiting, but I believe they are liberating.

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