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Top 15 Skylines of The World



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One of the world's fastest growing cities. This mega-metropolis is barely known outside of China and surrounding regions, but it doesn't stop it from continuing to explode into an uncontrollable behemoth. The city sits on the hillside tops of two converging rivers. Sadly because of the industrial economy of the region, despite being geographically lovely, it is also extremely dirty and polluted. However the city banned the use of car horns to cut down on noise pollution! The bay area where the tallest buildings are situated looks like a cross between Manhattan meets san Francisco minus some of the organization and style. The architectural modernity is not to be overlooked, there are plenty of shiny office and condo towers amidst the grey skies. All eleven of their skyscrapers that tower over 200 meters were built after 2004, that's how new this city is.


Metro/Urban Population

14.5 Million

Structures Above 200m


World's Tallest City Ranking


Di Serio Score

Height 8
Density 9
Style 5
Feats 6
Unique 6
Geography 5
Total 53
Chongqing Skyline - This photo is not for sale.
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