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Chicago 2004
The city that invented the skyscraper and the US city that holds the record for the most murders in 2003! It was a fun and interesting trip to say the least! 

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The Chicago Mission Crew

CaptainObvious Director of Operations was taking care of business in and out of the room. Calling shots and making the demands of our rooms heard. She was the first to mention going to Chicago. The Captain was not always in control of this ship, as she got sea sick once or twice.

This weasel was assigned to bring the team together and make the plans happen. He weaseled days off work, and talked so much smack that everyone just gave up and said they were coming. He really just wanted to see tall buildings and use up some of his laundered US bills that were losing value back home.

SergeantSkyscraper "Too talls" over here wanted to feel short for once and be dwarfed by real skyscrapers. He also had the TD concourse plans, lined up for comparative studies. This is certainly not this seasoned veteran's first mission. Don't kid yourself, he usually supplies muscles and humour, but this time he brought a mind game and a lighter, to keep the flame alive.

AgentPhobic This rookie was not even allowed to drink in the US, but don't be fooled by her fearful facade, she still "pounded" like the best of them. Never mind her fear of elevators, after this mission, elevators are scared of her.

Agent "Geever" This Story Will Go Untold

Luigi Di Serio in Chicago

ABOVE PICS: It was my Birthday that night and we went to have a drink and a game at the local bar.

CaptainObvious: "That ought to show them! I send the guys out to get the some supplies" AgentPhopic: "Hahaha... those fools, are they caught in the elevator"

CaptainObvious: "I said move on out of here boys or no drinks for you, and they ran out!" AgentPhopic: "Hehehe... why are guys so stupid?"

CaptainObvious: (Laughing and Smiling) "Come sit here, we are Blonds, and we have ALL the power". AgentPhopic: (Strikes a Pose) "I know..."


"So, ummm, what are we supposed to do again, surveillance?"

Mission Photos

Moose (Skyscraper) running things by hooking us up.

A couple of lazy spies

AgentPhobic trying on some obvious disguises


Paparazzi Photos

AgentPhobics face on an elevator (literally)

A couple of hard working Chicago Cops

Captain America Me under Big John Hancock

Sears tower, Tallest Building in the USA

Navy Pier Chicago

What do four drunk people look like on a giant Ferris Wheel? Look above

The disadvantages of holding the camera

Lake Michigan Boat Ride

Millennium and Grant Park and the Chicago Bean

"Who are these guys over here?"

"I'll just follow them" 

The advantage of not holding the camera!

City Shots Chicago | Pictures of Us in Chicago | Chicago Article

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