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Canada at the cottage
Canada Day at the Cottage was a 3 night festival where people came and went. The moral of this party was "stop ****ing around" or you'll get a yellow card or a double yellow/RED. 


Free promotion for BMO

You know someone needs help standing when they keep trying to sit on an imaginary bench. 
Yup, true story.

Nice life... it is easy to recover at the cottage.

Maybe I'm seeing double or maybe double trouble is seeing me, seeing them?! I spilled the beans about their nicknames... "roach and becky"

F*** I thought I had you beat

Apparently when girls drink a lot...

They close their eyes

What a colourful character she is!

Nice set of... balls


This crazy morning omelet can feed up to 12 really small people. Or. Four fair sized people.

July 1st Canada Day Fire Works!

Happy Birthday Canada... don't get too close to the action.

Team Canada (one player is missing Gabbie left at this point) 

Posse Out. We got kicked off the beach.


And when we left, we saw my parents chilling by Feleon Falls.

Happy Canada Day!

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