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Top 10 Bullshit Publications
In my not-so expert, but very valid opinion, I have compile a list of the top 10 most bulshit publication. This list uses a very scientific and complex algorithm that measures amount of copies read by the amount of lies published. Also considered are a few smaller, yet imperative variables. Sure there are others, but this list comprises of publications that are both large in circulation and largely filled with cow dung.

This list was compiled on behalf of Bull Shit University

1) The National Enquirer: Sensationalism and scandal are the air and water of this magazine, but bullshit is it's heart and soul. These guys are the masters of fabricating "news". They make tabloids out of any photo, rumor or name without any evidence what so ever. If courts operated like national enquirer everyone would be guilty until proven innocent (but it would be too late, because you'd already be defamed or executed by then).
2) US Weekly: You know when someone says to a child "utter nonsense"? You can say that after reading each and every paragraph of this bullshit publication. The really bad thing about US weekly is it looks like it is legit. It's not a tabloid style format and it fools people because of this. Luckily most of their garbage is about "celebrities" so no one really gives a shit anyway.
3) Cosmopolitan: Also known as, the mindless propaganda magazine for feminist fanatics, this piece of junk has women and young girls all over the world believing they can have 20 orgasms in a row. They make them believe they can control and tame their pig boyfriends and gain independence by dressing like tramps. They also show girls exactly why they should be insecure, by showing off nothing but perfect models, yet telling them to be comfortable with who they are. This is merely bullshit written by old bitter hags.
4) The New York Times: You know why people say "You have more issues than the NY Times" to really messed up girls? Because the NY Times is like a messed up girl carrying emotional baggage from here to next year. Coming from the most cosmopolitan and advanced city on Earth, this paper disappoints because the liberal open-minded citizen's of NYC somehow believe the CRAP in this asswash.
5) inTouch: Similar to US Weekly these morons try to pass their news and stories off as actual fact. They don't try to act like they are "embellishing" stories which is why they are more bullshit and can be more dangerous than tabloids. This magazine has been responsible for the break up of many relationships as couples battled over "Jen and Angelina".
6) Bild: This German propaganda machine is the biggest tabloid in Europe, read by over 4 million readers. They took American style tabloids into Europe in a big way and stared transforming the once culturally rich European nations into morally bankrupt, entertainment starved fools (just like Americans). 
7) Daily Star: Just so stupid it's not even worth speaking about. "Bomb Shell Rocks Big Bro"... wtf does that mean?! A weapon, a petroleum company and a band were on the reality TV show Big Brother?! I am convinced they have a computer that generates random works and photos to compile each issue.
8) The Toronto Sun: Such a disappointment to see the most multi-cultural city in the world have a paper pushing extreme-right wing ideologies with crafty undertones of racism. This is supposed to be a newspaper, but it looks and reads like a tabloid. Just pathetic. 
9) PlayBoy: Fooling men for decades into believing/fantasizing they actually have a chance in getting hot women like ones displayed in their colorful pages. To make matters even worst, they are attempting to write genuine, intellectual articles. Whether they are written well or not, a man can only think with one head at a time, and when they are reading this magazine, we know which one they are using, while the other being rendered futile. Gentlemen, face it, everything in this magazine is bullshit. 
10) Rolling Stone: They try to tell young people what's hype, what's trendy, what bands to like and what the greatest songs of all time are... but this magazine is made by a bunch of old, washed up loser who keep "rolling" and keep getting "stoned". Then they write down the first bullshit that comes out of their acid-infested brains, and passing it off as artistic revolution.

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