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Top 15 Skylines of The World

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Brisbane’s people are known to be friendly and laid back but it's growth spurt is not. It's Central Business District and suburbs have grown immensely since 1990s. Additionally major development projects have seen the regeneration of much of the CBD and surrounding area. It's more concentrated than Perth's skyline and has less hotels but more tall apartment and office buildings, which have sprung up everywhere. Recent development sees an ever changing and taller skyline with new skyscrapers emerging every year. Out of the 11 tallest structures in the city 6 were built in 2000 or later. Like many other Australian cities, Brisbane's skyline is continuing to grow. It has Anglo-American influence with the flair of south east Asian and Pacific Island flavor.

Metro/Urban Population

1.75 Million

Structures Above 200m


World's Tallest City Ranking


Di Serio Score

Height 7
Density 6
Style 7
Feats 5
Unique 5
Geography 7
Total 50
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