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Binary Options

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So you have heard of Binary Options right? If not, it is essentially gambling on the stock, commodities and indices markets. Investing in these markets is probably a gamble too, but binary options trading literally is gambiling with a twist. You have some indication of where the direction of the currency or stock maybe heading. When I say some, I literally mean a slight indication at best. This is because you have to essentially guess the direction of the currency pair (e.g CAD vs USD) and bet a certain amount to determine whether that currency pair will go up or down, relative to each other of course.

Here is how the binary options trading works:

You essenitally deposit money into an online account, then you bet a certain amount of money whether or not a currency (or stock) will go up or down within a given set time period. So let's say you are comparing the US Dollar and the CDN dollar, it will ask, "do you think it will go up or down within 15 minutes?" Now pretend you are some sort of prophet (not profit) and guess correctly and usually make about 70-81%, if you are wrong you usually lose 90-100% of you investment.

So how do you make money? Well, you can if you are right about 55-60% of the time, which is unlikely, so the only way you can get to those numbers is to bid on almost sure shots. You should follow currency or stock trends, and if you know for a fact that blackberry will plunge for the next day and a half you can bet it will go down that day.

You can make a lot of money in a short amount of time and you can also lose a lot too, unless you make sound bets and not just gamble. The good thing is you can invest small amounts and do it for fun, and if you stay on top of certain trends (e.g. CDN Dollar has been going down and is slated to do so for the next week), you can make a pretty penny making 50 sure bets in one day that it will go down and if you get 30 of them right, you can make your days pay. You need patience to win with this. More than likely as with stocks and casinos, most people lose except for the house.

If you are American (US Citizen), you can use RedWoodBinaryOptions.com or Boss Capital.
For Canadians (Oh Canada!) you can use TradeRush.com or to trade binary options. Make sure you visit TradeRushU.com (Trade Rush University/Educational Pages) to get schooled on the subject matter. They have free ebooks and videos and get a real understanding of what you are dealing with.

Trade Rush in French for people from Quebec or France - Trade Rush (Francias)

Trade Rush Spanish (Espanol)

So I have warned you and I'll do it again... Binary Options, super fun and fast way to make some money, short term, but again, it is just gambling and you can lose all your money if you don't approach it with caution. Thus, don't blame me if you lose all your savings, but if you make some dough, please send me a free pizza.

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