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Get Spy Gadgets and Be An Amateur James Bond

So you want to be the next Bond?

Well you need the tools of the trade before you can do that. What tools do you need? Well you can ask the leading military intelligence organizations or the principal global intelligence agencies to provide you with the latest and most advanced technology on the planet. However, because of the sheer costs and the importance of trade secrecy, I suspect you won’t be the recipient of any such sort of things. However, there are inexpensive tools and resources you can get online to get you started . 

First you need some mental training. Try the Secret Agent Subliminal Audio CD. This lets you become a sharper, wittier person and brings out those "Bond-like" attributes that are needed to think and act like a spy. Subliminal Power allows you to do the same as the audio CD, but it uses visual subconscious influencing messages on your computer so you can become a spy without even training.

So where are the places to get spy gadgets and spy equipment online? For mini-cams and home security toys try X10 - Home Surveillance - X10 has a lot of good products. Although their web site can sometimes be overwhelming with ads and hard to navigate, they otherwise often have great deals and a large selection. SpyWorld - Spy Equipment Catalog or SpyGear4U You will find some highly advanced equipment here. This online spy store not only has both advanced surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, but also some good personal protection equipment. Advanced Intelligence specialized in wireless surveillance technology; audio and video, color or black & white are available.

At ElectronicKits - Build Your Own Spy Stuff you can pick up some of the least expensive (but not cheap) and most fun spy toys around. But it comes with a twist! You have to assemble them together! They always have different “kits” so browse around before you buy.

SpouseWatcher gives people who suspect their souse or partner of cheating or fowl play, a variety of options to spy with. Pc-Spyware sells small and powerful hardware keyloggers, which secretly record keystrokes, for a great price.

To gain access to the public record and investigative databases online, you can try DetectiveData or People Locating or and meanwhile you can make yourself invisible while you use the Internet, you can sign up with Invisible-Ip.

Here are the coolest spy software systems available to the public. RemoteSpy and Sniper-Spy are remotely deployable, web-based spy software system that allow you to secretly monitor computer activity from anywhere in the world. For a less expensive local spy program try AceSpy

Most of these software, hardware and gadgets are not very expensive, but highly effective. So you can be the next amateur Bond without having to use up the MI-6 budget.

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