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How to become a spy or secret agent.

I have been running spy, espionage and intelligence-related websites for the last eight years, and THE most common question I get asked is: “How do I become a spy?" Younger visitors will drop comments like: “I wanna be a spy when I grow up.” Cute, but unlikely. 

Spies don’t usually choose their career. Spies are usually selected not elected. A spy is an agent employed by a state to obtain secret information, especially of a military nature, concerning its potential or actual enemies. A spy can also be a person employed by a company to obtain confidential information about its competitors. Other times, spies are just disgruntled employees or citizens who illegally obtain or steal information and sell it to an enemy or competitor or use it to bribe, blackmail or extort the victim.

Being James Bond is not in the definition. As a matter of fact HUMINT (Human Intelligence) spies are less common these days as physically infiltrating behind enemy lines has become very difficult with today's high levels of security technology and paranoia of governments, law enforcement and the public.

However, because of fictional characters in books and films, spies have been glamorized to the point where kids dream about becoming these heroic Hollywood characters when they grow up. Hate to burst your bubble kids, but the reality is that spies are paid very little and do a lot of dirty work that goes unrecognized. Ok, so if you are still interested in becoming a spy, then maybe you do have it in you.

If you would like to know more, here are some important links related to the intelligence industry:

-> http://mprofaca.cro.net/recruit.html
-> http://www.fbijobs.com/
-> http://www.cia.gov/employment/
-> http://www.intelligencecareers.com or http://www.defenseengineers.com

Ok, so if you really don't want to get a job in the intelligence field and you just want to become a spy the cheapest and easiest way possible you should read this.

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