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Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise April 2008

This was my first time in Alberta...

I've come to visit fellow Celebrity Nobody Thomas "The Moose" Bozek.

Alberta is a place full of wondrous nature and the beginning Rockies Mountains

A place where you can find deer grazing out in the open and where you can find rich ski resorts.


The tourist are all heading to Banff in droves

The Fairmount Hotel in Banff

Some of the water was still frozen in late April

Spectacular view from Banff National Park

Hmmm I wonder where I can we find a nice looking Canadian Flag with a gorgeous backdrop?

"It's right there you idiot!"

Cool. Thanks

I wonder where we can find a hot pool in the middle of a winter wonderland?

"It's right there you idiots!"

Cool. Thanks! Heating pool with water from Banff's Hot Springs

 Lake Louise

Lavish Lobby in Lake Louise - Fairmount Hotel

Back on the road in Alberta...Where the roads are straight and the trains are infinitely long.. There is not only open nature in Alberta, you can also find two major, vibrant cities. Calgary and Edmonton.


Calgary Silhouette - we only stopped through Calgary for a bit so unfortunately I couldn't take too many good photos, but here some are nonetheless.

Calgary's LRT

Calgary has a fairly dense collection of tall buildings considering its population

Oil country

Top of The 191m Calgary Tower


The provincial capital of Alberta

Edmonton's City Centre

Some diverse urban architecture 

Edmonton's juxtaposed buildings 

One of the central streets in Edmonton

Edmonton has a CN Tower too

Edmonton's tallest building - Manulife Place

A view of Edmonton's CBD

It was a Quarter to Two - got to go do some shopping...

Where you can find...

...A hockey rink

...New Orleans



An Indoor Water park

Pirate Boats

Plus a Casino (which I couldn't take a picture of) and about 800 shops and services? In West Edmonton - North America's Largest Shopping Mall and the World's largest from 1981 to 2004.

I had a whale of a time in Alberta

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