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Andrew & Kasia's Wedding

We were running late as usual. But this time (lovely) Alexandra was waiting for me.

Thomas (aka. The Moose) is barreling towards the exit. I think he wants to go. Oh no!

Thomas and I. And the deep conversation that ensued. Hey Man. We made it, you still upset.... I'll get over it. Cool.

My and Thomas' lovely dates

Don't be fool by the sensual looks and poses, we don't. They are really just conspiring something up.

Alexandra Portrait #1

Alexandra Portrait #2

First Dance

Element of surprise. Through the door burst some dancers.

Stealing the Bride and Groom

Collecting Mike, who was at our table to twist a shoe. You might say he was selected, but I think he volunteered.

Slow down.... wow they are good.

Sneaking off for a kiss during the commotion.

The three amigos. Thomas, Bogdan and Andrew. The Ryerson electrical engineer comrades

Andrew and I

Alright so here's the story of the pink shirt. Mindy (far left, Bogdan's wife) explained it best as to why I was wearing a pink shirt. "Only certain and few guys can pull it off, and you are one of them." All right so that settles all your questions and snarls about my attire for that evening. She was absolutely correct, I was wearing pink... simply because, well... I can.

Andrew and his mom

See she's got it right so early on in the marriage. You feed your man and he's happy as a pig in... you get the idea.

I wonder who is thinking of who in this photo? I bet Alexandra was thinking about marriage... damn it! Speaking of marriage and more photos from this wedding visit Tomasz Bozek's page for more tales of this wedding.

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