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About Luigi Di Serio

I (try) to live a
life of freelance and versatility. I do ad hoc writing, website development and theorizing. I own and run over 80 web sites.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (B.URPi) and recently obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Internet Affiliate Marketing (B.Comm)

My other AOKS (Areas of Knowledge) and hobbies include geography, human interactionism, sociology, philosophy, poetry, writing, conspiracy, intelligence and espionage, stats, music, photography, health, nutrition and fitness, plastics, research and development, QS 9000 (Certified Internal Auditor), IMDS and strategic industrial, business planning and TONS OF USELESS FACTS. My work is divided between my company InfoBureau.net Co., my father's corporation Axiom Group Inc. and my personal freelance work.

I enjoy playing and watching sports, primarily soccer. I run my own local team named the Scar Bros. I also enjoy the Internet, because it is a way for people to communicate and share information and ideas.

But who am I really? 
One day I was walking with someone in a dense woodlot and we randomly stumbled upon a tree that contained two small notes lodged in the bark. We selected one each. Mine said "Doing what I love serves others". The other persons was about "gratitude". I believe in destiny and a greater good (God), and my goal in life is help other people achieve their own dreams and aspirations, while growing to become a servant to others. I believe that is where ultimate happiness can be found, in selflessness, in giving yourself freely and entirely (hence the "open-book" style of my web site). I also believe those who give to others will receive many blessing in return, thus I also do enjoy the good things in life and give gratitude for what I do have.

Thanks for your interest in me and my web site,
Luigi Di Serio

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