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Luke & Michelle's Wedding

Our great friend of over a dozen years lucky Luke got married on the most sought after wedding date in the modern era... 7/7/2007. Typical of Lucky to get Lucky 777. Well he and is wife Michelle are lucky because they have each other.

Before the wedding at Alex's House

The first dance

Cool Candid

The great outdoor patio was great with the sunset

The boys from back then

"Wachu all lookin' at? You like to look? Why is everyone looking that way, the camera is straight on"

Look at me!

Awww. Muffins!

People say Thomas and I don't smile in our photos. Look at this... it is as genuine as it gets. "Yo.. did they take it yet?"... "I think so"

Aww... that's better, because we are really happy for Lucas and his beautiful wife, Michelle

"Hey whatcha doin'? Ta ka da pic cho already"

Yep we are always the last ones standings at every wedding, but the fatigue really does settle in. Evidence, look at Thomas in the background. lol. Speaking of Thomas, for more photos (church ones too) visit Tomasz Bozek's page on this wedding

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