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Here you can find a list of articles I wrote or co-wrote. I do a lot of ad hoc writing and theorizing. There are also news articles about members of my family or other articles found on web sites that refer to my work. My articles are divided by topic. Gender relations is about maintaining balance and equality in this modern sexually exploited society. Espionage, Intelligence & Investigation a subject that has fascinated me since I was a little boy. Almost all my business web sites are related to the topic. Urban Planning and Travel are articles about concepts for living better or just to become aware of diverse cultures, cities and places around the world. I hold a degree in Urban Planning and love to travel when I can. (Note: my photos pages are loaded with travel photo journals.) Arts & Hobbies or Crazy Ideas. Crazy Times. Crazy World is where I explore other topics, often strange or extreme, but usually fun (or stupid).


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Gender Relation Articles
(FYI: Slightly Male Bias)

The CR James
"Seduction" Collection

I have finally been convinced to put up CR's invaluable information online. My source of secret wisdom is exposed, but this is essential stuff for any guy. Oh by the way, it's all FREE content!

Espionage, Intelligence
& Investigation

Urban Planning
& Travel

Crazy Stuff
for a Crazy World.

Arts, Hobbies
& How-To

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